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an image of caramel sauce being poured into a jar with instructions on the side
Amazing Caramel Sauce- was easy and very good!
there are some cookies and marshmallows on the stick
Flower Shaped S'more Pie Pops Recipe
These flower shaped s'more pie pops are an ADORABLE summer dessert idea and they taste sooooo good! What a fun and delicious little treat to make with the kids! Yum!
a white plate topped with cut up pieces of food
Homemade Caramel
Homemade Caramel
microwave caramels are lined up on a table with wax paper around them and the words microwave caramels written in white
Microwave Caramels
The easiest Christmas candy recipe ever! These caramels are so delicious and so simple to make.
two pictures with different types of food in them
Homemade Caramels
Soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth homemade Christmas caramels are the perfect holiday gift!