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Kunzite / Mineral Friends

Kunzite - A variety of the Spodumene family - Kunzite is named after the American gem expert, G. Kunz Ranges in colour from almost clear to a deep lilac/violet pink. The green form is named Hiddenite.

Sunday Magic: Use these to aid any magickal workings you may be doing. Sunday is the best day for anything involving power, magic, health, success, career, goal, ambition and fun. It is linked to the Sun and the element of Fire. Use/wear colours like reds, yellows, orange and gold. Crystals to use/carry can include Amber, Topaz, Ruby and Diamond. Flowers can include Marigold, Sunflower and hops. You can use these to enhance your energies or to bring more power to any spellwork.

Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden) is a character in Russian fairy tales. She is forever young and beautiful. According to the legend, she was made from snow, with two deep blue beads for eyes, and a piece of red ribbon for her mouth.