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a glass bowl filled with macaroni salad on top of a window sill
Krema makaronisalat med egg & bacon
Gefüllte Champignons alla caprese
a jar filled with purple flowers sitting on top of a wooden table
Purløgsblomst eddike
Universul alimentar al Sara: Oțet de flori de arpagic
a skillet filled with beef and peppers on top of a wooden table next to rice
Spicy biff med paprika - Mat På Bordet
Neue Ideen mit Toastbrot
two uncooked pizzas sitting on top of a table
Eltefrie hvitløksbrød
Eltefrie hvitløksbrød – Snikgjest
the food is prepared and ready to be eaten on the plate at the restaurant or bar
Bladerdeegring met avocado, zalm en Boursin
a stack of food sitting on top of a white plate next to some veggies
Brokkoliburger med søtpotet
a white plate topped with meat and veggies covered in gravy next to rice
Kyllingwok med himmelsk saus
a white bowl filled with broccoli salad and nuts
Broccoli, Cashew, Apple, and Pear Salad
a pizza with meat, cheese and vegetables on it is sitting on a piece of parchment paper
Hvit pizza med kylling, mozzarella og spekeskinke
brussel sprouts in a black bowl on a white counter top, ready to be cooked
Stegte rosenkål med honning og citron - Berits univers
three desserts with strawberries in them on a table
Sukkerfri yoghurt panna cotta med frisk jordbærsaus
several pieces of bread on a cooling rack