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an article about musical ocs meme written in black and white with the words
Writing About Yourself, Writing Challenge, Memoir Writing, Personal History
Write your Personal History
four colorful words with different expressions on them, one in the middle and one in the lower
100 colorful words to use in place of 'said'
Said is dead... But how did they say it? Replacement words for "said" Grammar, English Vocabulary, Grammer, English Writing Skills, Learn English, English Writing, Words To Use
Said is dead... But how did they say it? Replacement words for "said"
the ten ways to describe your character's eyes in different colors and font styles
Annabeth: *Says #11 and is laughing the whole time* Percy:*Wearing grey crop top and jeans* (IDK why Annabeth has a crop top just go with it) What? Do your pants make my but look big?
an advertisement with the words body language that conveys embarrassment other than flushing
an image of a cartoon character with the caption that reads, there must be a paragraph break every time a new character speaks this is not official jesus christ
the text is written in black and white
These are writing prompts but I swear, almost all of these happened in the Percy Jackson books at some point.
a poster with instructions on how to write the book, and what to do about it
14 dicas de escrita por Stephen King