Hedda 🐱cat

Hedda 🐱cat

Most of the art are made by other people ✏️🖌love cats and warrior 💛also animals 🐰🐭🐶🦊🐨🐸🙉🐵🙊🦁
Hedda 🐱cat
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VIDEO // WEBSTA @ silviemahdal_art

VIDEO // WEBSTA @ silviemahdal_art The most wonderful post ive ever found, eyebrows are my greatest nightmare.

snow cat - Makoto Muramatsu . If this isn't ridiculously cute, then I don't…

snow cat - Makoto Muramatsu This kitty was sent to me when I lost my Simba, by a very nice lady that I emailed back and forth with for support, as she was also going through a pet loss. Such a sweet kitty picture

Drawing Cats Tips by Hiedidog More

Guys I am no where near perfect drawing animals but these are some basic tips. I'm really bad at tutorials and stuff so I hope everyone understands. Drawing Cats Tips