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Got Milk?
If the planets had a conversation.
“My name is Elmo”😂❤️
Whispered instructions
a small bird sitting on top of a window sill
30 Best humor sarcasm Quotes
a cat sitting on top of a chair next to a laptop computer with caption that reads, get the treats or i pull the plug
I Love My Doggy
a white rabbit eating hay with caption that reads, when the server comes to the table while you're chopping on your food & asks if everything's okay and you're just just like
15 Times Animals Ate In Restaurants And Had To Deal With The Waiters (Memes)
a cat sitting in the back of a truck on top of another car that says, master of floor is lava
Funny Cat Memes Of The Day – 35 Pics Ep17 - Lovely Animals World
a cat standing on it's hind legs looking over a fence with the caption, my mother in laws cats on the post like this and judges the neighbors
48+ Funny Animal Memes