Washi tape frames

Winter project: this DIY masking tape photo wall. Using colorful, printed masking tape, frame your photos in a fun, colorful way. You can turn an entire room in your home into a beautiful gallery of memories.

Children's Bed - Looks Like A Little House Headboard . instructions seem to be in Dutch, you can try translating it into English but you get the idea for a cute bed that you could copy from the picture and the dimensions of a twin size bed.

Washi tape windows / trendenser

Are you a fan of washi tape and wall art? The two come together in these 15 inspirational washi tape wall art project ideas!

Washi Tape Christmas Card

Christmas Washi Tape Craft Ideas - Mums Make Lists: Christmas Hacks

Faire un sapin de Noël, sapin de noel, christmas tree, déco, diy

Ce qu'on peut faire avec du Masking Tape : 15 inspirations

I could do this in the kids playroom floor and i think i might! the boo and the boy

Réaliser un arbre en masking tape : http://www.modesettravaux.fr/tuto-arbre-masking-tape/

Le masking tape a le vent en poupe depuis quelques mois : coloré, facile à appli...

Washi Tape Growth Chart

Washi tape: 8 fun crafts

Washi Tape Growth Chart With Pictures! You could change it up or keep adding to it as much as you wanted to