Washi tape frames

Winter project: this DIY masking tape photo wall. Using colorful, printed masking tape, frame your photos in a fun, colorful way. You can turn an entire room in your home into a beautiful gallery of memories.

Children's Bed - Looks Like A Little House Headboard . instructions seem to be in Dutch, you can try translating it into English but you get the idea for a cute bed that you could copy from the picture and the dimensions of a twin size bed.

Washi tape windows / trendenser

Are you a fan of washi tape and wall art? The two come together in these 15 inspirational washi tape wall art project ideas!

Geometric Deer Head Wall Decals Geometric Animal by LivingWall

Geometric Deer Head Wall Decals Geometric Animal by LivingWall // Easily achieved with washi tape.

Washi Tape Christmas Card

Christmas Washi Tape Craft Ideas - Mums Make Lists: Christmas Hacks

Faire un sapin de Noël, sapin de noel, christmas tree, déco, diy

Ce qu'on peut faire avec du Masking Tape : 15 inspirations

I could do this in the kids playroom floor and i think i might! the boo and the boy

Réaliser un arbre en masking tape : http://www.modesettravaux.fr/tuto-arbre-masking-tape/

Le masking tape a le vent en poupe depuis quelques mois : coloré, facile à appli...

Washi Tape Growth Chart

Washi tape: 8 fun crafts

Washi Tape Growth Chart With Pictures! You could change it up or keep adding to it as much as you wanted to