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Majas Drøm

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Majas Drøm
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Don't you want a Knight Egg Cup on your breakfast table? Arthur Boiled Egg Cup Holder

Arthur boiled egg cup and knight of the round table along with eating spoon. Your egg in shining armour. Includes 1 x soft boiled egg holder and spoon. Great new product from peleg design adds a fun twist to your morning soft boiled egg.

Courage Pendant 3D printed in stainless steel.Join the 3D Printing Conversation:

Will du Toit printed this great Courage Pendant in high detailed stainless steel: a more stylized version of the classic St. George fighting the dragon.

low_poly_face by scanner

I printed out a version of the low poly face. And then I scanned it. I plan on using it for basically a kind of scary creature and the added effect of

Download on #3Dprinting #Impression3D LampiON lamp shade 3D file, voood

Variations of printed lamps. Concept emerges from having a simple hexagonal grid and basic shape of a lamp shade. Combining both into single product gives many variations trough different approach and modeling the shape.

Ascan Aldag / Engineering-Art-EOS 3D Print Lamp

EOS print lamp from by LokalDesign from Hamburg, Germany