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Creative Wall Decor For Your Room!
Let’s Make 3D Flowers: Craft 3D Anemone Flowers with Cricut
We love the look of 3D flowers– especially this Hope Anemone Flower Wall Art project! This is a great beginner Cricut project for anyone looking to refresh their home decor in the new year. Visit us at our blog,, for the full tutorial and how-to!
Simple and Beautiful Paper Flowers - Paper Craft - DIY Flowers - Home Decor
two wooden angel figurines hanging on a white painted wood plank wall with hearts in their hands
Ängel av spatlar
three soap bars sitting on top of a wooden table next to oatmeal
Almond Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap - Mom Makes Joy
four paper plates with different colored string art designs on them, sitting on a wooden table
Kids paper plate string art for every holiday
Tiedye sunflower available on
For your best friend 🥰