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two ceramic angel ornaments hanging from strings
Hand Built Pottery Angel Ornaments by Karen Lucid
a red and white straw sticking out of the center of an intricately designed surface
Коледни играчки от глина и бабините карета
Clay pendants
there are many plates on the table with different colors and shapes in them, all stacked together
Создаем нежные гипсовые кулоны с оттисками цветов: Мастер-Классы в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
Создаем нежные гипсовые кулоны с оттисками цветов #diy #tutorial
two small bags with handles are sitting side by side
The paper bags made of clay
ceramic paper bags
the instructions to make an owl - shaped clay sculpture are shown in this screenshot
20 Ways to “Reset” When the Kids Are Having a Hard Day
hibou pate fimo ou porcelaine;;;
a white piece of art that looks like it has been made out of paper and rope
Anything but the heart shape though...maybe snow flakes instead...
a person is painting red birds on paper plates
slab pottery ideas - Google Search
three small ceramic ornaments sitting on top of a tree
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ornament ideas for pottery class
a purple and green flower shaped dish sitting on top of a table
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This piece was fired and then hand glazed, then wiped down so each detail shows crystal clearly, and finally glazed in a clear glaze. It is then re-fired. Antique lace and handmade stamps were used to make recessed impressions while the clay was still wet.
a woman wearing a necklace with a circular design on the front and back of her neck
ceramic pendant - pinning for the way it's strung with a bead on top.