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Here is some inspiration on how you can enjoy great Street Art in Arctic Lofoten. Why not use #HattvikaLodge as your Base Camp for your cultural or adventure trip to Norway? We offer Guides and trip planning as well. Also see our Museum, Scenery, Photo Art, Eat & Drink, GoPro, Video and other boards for more Lofoten cultural inspiration. Welcome to an extraordinary and personalized experience in Lofoten.
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The creations of Norwegian street artist Pøbel, both poetic and claiming. Away from the noisy streets of major cities, Pøbel exposes his street art in the

The Coast Is Clear by Dolk, Lofoten, Norway

The Moving, Playful Poetry of the World’s Textual Graffiti Artists

The book Street Messages by artist and photographer Nicholas Ganz documents street-art slogans worldwide, from Norway to Guatemala City


Dolk Lundgren, or simply Dolk, is a Norwegian stencil artist. Check out 10 Most Impressive Street Art Examples By Dolk.


Norwegian Street Art

Modern Panel Doors - Urban Front has launched three new products to their range. These include the 'Geo' design, 'Pivot Door' and a gorgeous re-work.

Pøbel in Lofoten, Norway

Pøbel in Lofoten, Norway

Heia Ballstad! : Øde dekor!

Heia Ballstad! : Øde dekor!