Henning Arnesen

Henning Arnesen

Henning Arnesen
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Premium DIY Gramophone Kit

ThinkGeek :: Premium DIY Gramophone Kit - Not only plays records, but RECORDS them too! What a slice of ole time awesomeness!

The Ecopod is a small and energy-efficient way for a homeowner to get off the grid. The container home is easily transported and secure enough to leave in remote locations for extended lengths of time. Each Ecopod is powered by an 80-watt solar panel, floored with rubber made from recycled tires and insulated with a soy-based product.

The Ecopod is a small and energy-efficient home design for on or off-grid living. Built from steel shipping containers, each Ecopod has a floor made from recycled car tires, walls insulated with a soy-based product and powered by an solar panel.

George Lucas with a prototype R2D2. #starwars

Along time ago.in a galaxy far far away Vintage STAR WARS Photo - George Lucas with Unfinished

Faux Vintage Travel Posters Invite You To Tour The Solar System

You simply MUST check out these Steve Thomas Art & Illustration: Travel Posters - they are for various sci-fi and fantasy locations, all in the proper art-deco style.

Colargol by the ghost of me, via Flickr

Old postcard of the children's series ' Beertje Colargol' (Dutch title) or 'Barnaby the Bear" (English title), originally a French series.