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Discover a few easy homemade fly spray for horses recipes to keep you, your horses, your stables, and even your home free from these biting insects. Before you know it, you will have a fly-free zone! #horses #fly #repellent
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4 Do-It-Yourself Fly Spray Recipes for Horses

Learn how to make your own homemade fly spray for horses to keep those painful biting insects away from not only your horses, but your home.

Horse Sense: Water For Emergencies, How to keep collected horse trough water clean.

Water For Emergencies

Horse and horseman trainer, Kate Busa, serving the equestrian community of North Carolina's Piedmont Region and south-central Virginia. Kate helps horses and the people who love them to establish respectful, mutually rewarding, and healthy relationships both on the ground and under saddle. Kate's way is neither New Age nor's just horse sense.

Feed Room Inspiration + Practical Organization Solutions - STABLE STYLE

Feed Room Inspiration + Practical Organization Solutions - STABLE STYLE

Want to organize your feed room? Check out these beautiful barns and shop for real life storage solutions. Find the right type of storage for your barn!

Building a Pallet Hay Feeder   We started our goat herd  in November of 2012.  Our baby goats, 3 kids, are now about 3 to 3 1/2  months ol...

Easy Hay Feeder

Building a hay feeder from pallet, build your own hay feeder, goat or livestock hay feeder

On The Pond Farm

Well! When aren't there works in progress! Some for about 20 years... Oh! Lets not go there. I know Kristin - your quilt! Don't you love this detail in the fabric? These are two projects that are underway right now. Both involve a little piecing and design. Just different materials. One is a bit tough on my shoulder, but fun nonetheless. The slow to get started project, till Dave got it going, is the field stone pad for the frost free faucet from the second spring. I wanted an area that…

Jay builds a house: Frost-free hydrants

Frost-free hydrants

While we had the trenches open for electricity, we also put in water lines. Now, next to each subpanel there is a "frost-free yard hydrant." It looks like this: The drain rock catches lost water without it making a mess. You can set a bucket on the rock, or hang the bucket from the hydrant. When you turn off the water, a valve at the bottom opens and drains the vertical pipe underground. This prevents damage from freezing in the winter. Underground, the water pipe is connected to the hydrant…

Horse feed and water buckets


Folder Method of Horse Record Keeping

The folder method of recordkeeping is best used for somebody who wants an individual file for each horse that they can just grab and go,

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A Chore Chart Your Kids Will Stick to. Yes, Really!

By Mychaelyn Michalec (Photo: ) Wrangling the kiddos to help around the house shouldn’t be a chore for both you and them. Whether...

Horse Health Record Keeping - Easy Ways to Record it All!

Horse health record keeping - easy ways to record it all! How you can easily track and record your horse's health records. Go old school with calendars and charts, or use innovative new barn management software.

SHERPA 100 ECO easy usable in stables

Don’t work hard, work smart

Please look below for a detailed photo report of the SH …

Building & Managing the Small Horse Farm: Aerated Compost: Bin Construction - Modern

Building & Managing the Small Horse Farm: Aerated Compost: Bin Construction Building & Managing the

Best DIY RV Kitchen Decoration 43

48 Best DIY RV Kitchen Decoration -

There's no grass to trim. If you would like to make your RV more livable, you will need to understand how to make the most of the space in it, because however big or small it is, you won't ever feel that there is sufficient room for you and all your belongings! You will require kitchen facilities and plenty of storage space for many of your belongings.

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Horse horses horse riding horse jewelry horse clothing pony pony riding tack saddlery horse gifts horse shirts horse apparel horse clothing