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#Vídeo Before I Die, una campaña que dio la vuelta al mundo ¿Qué es realmente importante para ti en la vida? #ViajerosInquietos

The Before I Die Project. An artist turned a desolate house into a giant chalkboard and invited strangers to fill in the blank to the prompt; "Before I Die____"

The target market that is being aimed at is everyone. This advertisement is particularly unique because it is extremely eye catching. There are words that are bold and can bring a ton of attention to the board as the question being asked is interesting. Also, the key component that allows this advertisement to be successful is the fact that you can interact with the board, and answer the question that it is asking. This ad would be memorable and would be shared with friends, or relatives.

Proposition: Make people want to look at what LastMinute is. Target market: The target market is mostly likely adults because it is a travel agency. Affects lots of people at once, allows people to think about the ad, curiousity

right here in HK  EXHIBITOR magazine - Article: EXHIBITOR Magazine's Corporate Event Awards: The Rat Pack, August 2012

Rat Race by JP Morgan - An event that taps into the uniquely ultra-competitive work culture of Hong Kong

Men’s Dress Codes Decoded - all you need to know about what to wear, when [Infographic]

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