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"1. bath as flatmates: disaster - 2. bath as best friends: adequate - 3. bath as boyfriends: <3"

bath as flatmates: disaster bath as best friends: adequate bath as boyfriends: 3 theconjuredking: Could I request John taking a bath and Sherlock, ignoring such trivial courtesies like privacy", joining him for cuddling?

Oh Gosh! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Too much love... I adore Sherlock in the back of the first pic like " you talken shit?!?!"

I adore Sherlock in the back of the first pic like " you talken shit?" --> jajaja xDD pero que lindos y romanticos :')

*Is immensely pleased* Why THANK you John. Tis a nice thing you did for the Fando-um I mean Sherlock. >w>

Nice headcannon, but I doubt Sherlock would be that careless as to neglect hygiene when it comes to The Work. He can just buy a new shirt for God's sake. What I can believe is the thing with him and tight shirts.

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Instead of Studying

Instead of Studying Set my wallpaper to Sherlock who is looking at me saying YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING Motivating, really, everytime i pick my mobile phone up i remember i want to study in Aachen and have to sit on my ass and learn