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four different pictures of white dishes and cups on a table with lace doily around them
✳ Geschirr bekommt Farbe und Patina ✳
a wooden structure sitting on top of a tiled floor
✳ Tisch in Arbeit ✳
there is a small table and chair in this miniature kitchen set with dishes on the shelves
Meubeltjes/ Furniture
a doll house with blue doors and shelves
My New Little Shop Project, Part 2
an old chair is upholstered with white fabric and has been turned into a mirror
✳ Rückblick auf den Etsy Verkauf ✳
some wood pieces are laying on a green cutting board and ready to be cut into smaller pieces
Making Queen Anne cabriole legs with a footpad
there are pictures of different things made out of plywood and wood, including an image of a woman's head
Das Haus "im Ganzen" und das fertige Efeu :)
there are many white vases sitting on the floor and in front of a mirror
✳ Neue Tür und andere Minis angefangen ✳
an assortment of miniature furniture including a chair, table and mirror with the word petti huset miniatures written on it
Brocante Antieke Set
an old chair sitting in front of a wooden door with iron bars on the top
Collection 2018
an antique white bedroom set with dressing table and mirror
Vintage Room Divider - Foter
an old dresser with plates on it in front of a mirror
an antique armoire in the corner of a room with two vases on either side
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