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two pictures with different colors and designs on them, one is made out of paper
Cut Paper Relief Sculpture is a Brilliant Way to Illustrate the Diversity of a Coral Reef
Cut paper sculpture by Mlle Hipolyte #papercraft #paperart
several white vases hanging from the side of a wall
Jennifer Coyne Qudeen
Nylons filled with concrete by artist Amy Bilden don't know why but I like them.
an abstract sculpture made out of cardboard with multiple layers of folded paper in the shape of a face
Irving Harper: Works in Paper — Colossal
a carved face in the bark of a tree is a custom short domain
Tree of life
a piece of art made out of branches on a white wall with a bird perched on the branch
Ron Isaacs, "Crows in the Hawthorne", painted birch plywood construction
different types of doughnuts are shown with the words paper play dough on them
Play Dough Recipe: Paper Play Dough – Fun Littles
Fun homemade play dough recipe with a unique texture.
Dave Cole Crochet, Textile Art, Fibre Art, Big Wool, Wool, Textiles, Textile Fiber Art, Knitted Wit, Fiber Art
Dave Cole
two metal figures standing next to each other
a clock with angel wings hanging from it's side on a white wall next to a ruler
Angel of Mercy
an old rusted piece of wood with rusty handles
La planche (faire la)
La planche (faire la) Driftwood sculpture by Paul Herail
a statue of an antelope holding two arrows
Santa Fe Art
Sculpture- Santa Fe
a wooden sculpture that has been cut into pieces with one head sticking out of it
Jim Dine | Alan Avery Art Company | Atlanta Art Gallery
Jim Dine / pink wash. Sculpture.