Hanne Klavine

Hanne Klavine

Hanne Klavine
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The Octopus Chair. Ancient marine life sculpted by modernity

The Octopus Chair. Ancient marine life sculpted by modernity. Easily the most epic fireside chair ever built

This is what I want for my key tattoo. With a pentagram in the middle instead of a key hole. And the outside of it a bit shadowed.  #humancanvas tattoo! I know Justin can give me the beautiful work of art I dream of in my head....   Steampunk Skeleton Key Winged Pendant | HautMess

love this! Unlock your true potential. The solutions are inside. You have the key, what are you waiting for? GRS says: I love this key. It looks so magical, feels like it would unlock everything.

Possibly smaller, and oriented as a Key (attached to a Chain/Necklace) which unlocks the Heart?...

This would be great and still Incorporate my key! Door lock and key by David Newman-Stump.

Love this but smaller, i would love the key to the lock somewhere else, like on my wrist or ankle

The Key. Is there anything more symbolic in life than a key? A key can symbolize so many things. The key to a person’s heart. The key to success. The key to solving a problem in life. The key to un…