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Hanne-Agnethe Holmedal

Hanne-Agnethe Holmedal
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Percy!! :D

When fandoms collide! Haha, I can imagine Leo in Katniss's outfit and Percy dressed in a fishing net with Frank be his side, and Annabeth is blushing and AH!>>Lol, Annabeth is Annie!


Did Percy seriously just give us a Rickhanger on a demigods answer? But happy birthday Percy! And happy anniversary percabeth!

Lol I can just imagine Tyson thinking of his friend rainbow like right now

Well there isn't rainbows in the deep pit! And why does no one care about Annabeth I mean Grover and Annabeth knew each other for a long time << yeah. But that Persassy~!

Ask the 7

Percy's a keeper ;) but I think percy and hazel would be hufflepuff, annabeth and leo in ravenclaw, piper in slytherin, jason and frank in gryffindor

Yea go Annabeth @Katniss Mellark

oh ya! Go Percy! But I still like you as a character Jason. I hate how everyone hates on Jason or Piper. Just STOP, No hate Jason.

I just made this myself (if you are pinning give me credit) Hope you like it also I take requests for questions to the seven if some one wants one

Funny because Percy admitted in TLO that his singing could cause an avalanche