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I don't normally pin things that "mock" Peeta or the hunger ganess. but this is funny< "Hunger ganess" I'm laughing so hard I'm so sorry XD<<<right tho! The only thing I can think is "fake fan" like really?

Full circle!!!

Feels<-- wow, that would be an interesting reunion. I thinks Suzanne Collins should write this as a short story and then they should film it.<<< except Katniss and Peeta had their children 15 years later, so there'd be quite an age gap


But in the book your daughter was suppose to be 14 and u were suppose to have this long sort of long discussion! I thought she was a baby in the book too.

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Can we all just take a moment to realize how terrible this must have been for Finnick too. I mean, the two most treasured people in his life, and one of them just volunteered to die for the other. I just hate imagining how he must have felt.

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Workout motivation. #workoutmotivationgirlsquats