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the two faces of a man with long hair
I find it funny how Legolas is supposed to have blue eyes but they used a picture of him with brown eyes
an image of the lord and his companions in the movie, which is also on twitter
lord of the rings quotes
lord of the rings quotes - Google zoeken
a man dressed in medieval clothing standing next to a tree
My Elven Kingdom: Photo
Legolas, elf prince of Mirkwood. Played by Orlando Bloom
an image of the hobb movie scene with two different scenes, one is being chased by
a man with long blonde hair wearing a black shirt and braided ponytail is looking at the camera
Just a moment...
legolas is my favorite character in Lord of the Rings
a man with long hair standing in front of a lake
I would have gone with you to the end
the poster for game of thrones shows a woman's face with blue eyes
the hobbring movie poster with an image of gandalian holding two swords
a black and white photo of a man with long hair wearing a tie, looking to the side
a man with long blonde hair standing next to a white horse and holding an arrow
Legolas ❤️
the hobbot movie is shown in two different languages, with one saying it's a long way
This is still one of my all time favorite scenes!!