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tumblr_n4j468zWMV1tyktcjo1_400.gif (333×333)

DAN STAHP<< DAMN THE HAIR << ive been looking everywhere for this gif. I saw it one time and yeah...

His hair literally defies gravity. It makes sir Isaac Newton question himself.

Marlon Brando Was A Perfect Man: This is a true thing. Don't tell me you are not seduced by this gif.

Marlon Brando, in did a studio interview (shown in this GIF) and an early screen test for the movie Rebel Without a Cause. The 1955 movie starred James Dean in the role of Jim Stark that Marlon Brando screen tested for.

Dan's place (repost from tumblr but I kinda feel like a creeper even though they're from the film haha)

A true Dan fans dream post. If you are a fan of Dan smith this is one your favorite posts