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knit cardigan
knit cardigan
a man is sitting on the subway looking at his reflection in the window while others are standing behind him
Using Reflections in Street Photography (Urban Composition)
two children looking out the window at each other
a woman's hand is reflected in the rear window of a car
many people are walking around in the city
'The street is a stage': photographer David Gaberle's urban journey – in pictures
people are sitting on the bus and one person is looking at their cell phone while others sit behind them
The Top 10 Color Negative 35mm Film Stocks - FilterGrade
an old fan sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a window filled with pictures
Bohemian Homes
a person laying on the floor surrounded by clutter and books in a messy room
South Korean Photographer Sim Kyu-Dong Shows How The Poor Live In 'Goshitels'
black and white photograph of man in rear view mirror
The best of 2014 (street photography) by PatrickMonnier on DeviantArt