Quotes about mean people

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CTJ called. 2nd draft pg.6, original sent pg8, update with pics pg11 mom text 14, emails pg 17 - Page 4

Holy shit. The CTJ has been called. By my grandpa that NEVER shows that he even recognizes that anything is EVER wrong. The points that are to be discussed: I have CO aunt and creepy uncle. Crazy aunt and uncle have for the 3rd time claimed that something that belongs to another aunt and uncle is actually theirs and stole it (hockey net this time). Normal aunt and uncle have just let it happen in the past and just bought new stuff but this time stood up for themselves and took the…

Dr. Anne Brown on Twitter

“#Narcissists have no #boundaries. They feel entitled to say whatever they feel is true..#narcissisticabuse”

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Nothing is ever their fault. Ever. Even if you get one to acknowledge a problem, they will always twist it to be your fault.