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Male and female figures, (collected :: The Collection

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Migingo Island, Kenya by Jesco Denzel.Half the size of a football pitch,Migingo Island on Lake Victoria is claimed by both Kenya and Uganda.The population of 131 are mostly fishermen and traders.

A strange pharaoh - This statue of the pre-dynastic period may be the first known depiction of a pharaoh. At the time of Nagada (the name of a discovery at the site of Upper Egypt), around 4000 BC. This statue was found in Gebelein, south of Luxor.

Statuette -- Circa BCE -- Predynastic Egypt -- Excavated at Gebelein (south of Luxor) Belonging to The National History Museum of Lyon, France.

Mursi tribes of East Africa's Omo Valley

i would like to know how they can eat with the mouth so distorted and is that bone stuck into the side of her face? and how did someone start her lip to start distorting?

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derwolfsmantel: “ Photographs of a devastated post-war Berlin in the summer of “When Allied observers came to Germany after the war, most of them expected to find destruction on the same scale.

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Rare color photos of the ruins of Normandy, Here, U. Army trucks drive through the ruins of Saint-Lo. The town was almost totally destroyed by Allied bombers during an attack on German troops stationed there.

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Color Photos of Tunisia and Libya in the North African Campaign of World War II, 1943