Kathleen Hammervol

Kathleen Hammervol

Kathleen Hammervol
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Oxalis ~ Great plant and easy to take care of; it also blooms. You can purchase a purple leaf, green leaf, pink flower variety or a white flower variety. ~ One of my favorites. The leaves add a nice bright tang to salads! Just as the wild ones do ;

Hanging macrame planters! doing this soon!

Candle/air plant combo in these would be cute on the patio.Hanging planters - I want to do this in the kitchen windows for the winter. There is lots of light but the sills are too cold to grow herbs well.

In love with this plant.

String of Pearls Plant (Senecio Rowleyanus) I love these.A friend gave me a string of pearls plant several years ago. Mine got somekind of disease and I lost it. Haven't been able to find another since.

Pilea peperomioides, known as Chinese money plant, lefse plant, or missionary plant

Pilea peperomioides aka Chinese money plant lefse plant or missionary plant домашняя коллекция