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Tips for painting a fabric lampshade from Little Green Notebook blog - love how chic this cheap, drum shade from Target looks when painted black

How to paint lamp shades: Versatex black screen printing paint, which Im learning is the best type of fabric paint around. I have actually just used latex paint on a textured old lamp shad to bring some life back to it :)

Plastic Spoons, water bottle and hot glue = feather like light fixture

his post is aimed for you to make use of your plastic spoons in the most creative way possible. So, go on and check this incredible collection of DIY Amazing Plastic Spoon Crafts That Will Fascinate You.

I have just been spring cleaning and sorting out Missy's old shoes and wellies and this would be a great idea for recycling them :) sanabham

Coke Can Tabs - this continues to make a full lampshade >< also I Thought using the tabs hooked over the top with w/out shade will is a good thought when decorating for a holiday if you need a base object to hang or hook something from.