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Large bottles end cut off to get candle in

Keeping firewood dry and ready to use is important for cooking and heating. Here are a variety of easy firewood storage ideas you can easily do at home.

Another firewood option

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Perfect for privacy planter. Keep in mind the planting side should face the sun otherwise only shade plants will grow

firewood storage

Tall Sentry Box Log Store with option of roof types, high and wide. Robust Outdoor Log Store for the garden. Log storage made in Dorset by Dorset Log Stores.

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Nice to have some kind of glass overhang for part of terrace for when it rains.wrong colour,but great idea for light


The outdoor pergolas are quite popular these days. Everyone wants to create a place where they could relax and recharge themselves and outdoor pergolas are

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Beautiful open out-building

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uteDESIGN - unik uteplass (6)



Instead of rock wall, galvanized steel tubs!

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DIY Corner Wood Planter Raised Garden DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas Instructions - Gardening Take

Bygg själv: Den perfekta pergolan - Hus & Hem

Bygg själv: Den perfekta pergolan - Hus & Hem

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Öppningsbart tak


This is the most minimalistic pergola I've seen yet.