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a bunch of different types of rocks and stones in a metal basket on top of a table
All About Gabions : Cheap Retaining and Other Garden Features
gabions- Leonardo da Vinci invente le gabion pour réaliser les travaux de soutènement du château San Marco de Milan.
an abstract mosaic tile pattern in blue, green and pink
Kaleidoscope ColorGlitz Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile, sold by the 1.15 s.f. sheet - Academy Award Aqua
an entrance to a modern home surrounded by greenery
Gallery of Albion Street Residences / Kennerly Architecture & Planning - 9
Image 9 of 23 from gallery of Albion Street Residences / Kennerly Architecture & Planning. Photograph by Bruce Damonte
the entrance to this modern house is made out of wood and white concrete, with stone steps leading up to it
Gallery of Box House / Ming Architects - 8
Box House,Main Door. Image Courtesy of Ming Architects