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an anime character wearing goggles and pointing to the side with his fist in one hand
a drawing of a man laying in bed with his head on the pillow and eyes closed
calm and warm
an anime scene with two men facing each other and one man holding his arm around the other
Lily - Sasuke
a drawing of a girl with her hands on her face and arms around her neck
an anime character with white hair and red eyeliners holding his hand up to his face
a man with red hair and blue eyes wearing a black cloak over his shoulder is staring at the camera
an ink drawing of several different characters
the characters from naruta are posing together for a photo with their backpacks
_SilMartin on Twitter
two anime characters are fighting in the snow
two anime characters are facing each other with their heads close to the same person's face
two anime characters one holding a guitar and the other singing into a microphone with his mouth open
SasuNaruSasu official art