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the word welt on a dark blue background with white letters that spell out it
Ist das Genitiv, oder kann das weg? - WELT
Ein paar Worte zum #Sprachwandel. #Sprachwissenschaft #Linguistik
the top minority languages of europe
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a man with glasses and a pink sticker in front of his face that says 90 % off
Why are bad words bad?
Was macht ein Wort zu einem #Schimpfwort? #Linguistics
a poster with the words march in different colors and sizes, including letters that appear to be
Synaesthesia could help us understand how the brain processes language | Cathleen O'Grady
#Synaesthesia could help us understand how the #brain processes #language
a smiley face with tears and other emoticions
Can an Emoji Ever Be a Word? - JSTOR Daily
Can an #emoji ever be a word? #linguistics #Sprachwissenschaft
an old book with the words language written on it
Best Paper in Language Award Announced for 2015 #linguistics #Sprachwissenschaft
two chickens are talking to each other with the words do animals have language? on them
Do animals have language? - Michele Bishop
Kann man die tierischen Kommunikatiosarten als ‪#‎Sprache‬ einstufen? Schaut euch die Antwort von Michele Bishop an
a hand holding a pen and writing with the word jol on it's side
How language changes over time | TED Talks
Sehr interessante Talks zur Entwicklung der #Sprache.
a person holding a microphone in their right hand and pointing it at the camera with both hands
Linguistics On Air
Linguistics On Air - Gespräche mit Linguisten
an old map of europe with yellow and black ink on paper canvas print by american school
Mapping the world's linguistic diversity—scientists discover links between your genes and the language you speak
Academics at the University of York have discovered a correlation between genetic and #linguistic diversity and concluded that at least in Europe people who speak different languages are also more likely to have a different genetic make-up.
the world map with different languages and colors
MIT Technology Review
The first study of #dialects on #Twitter reveals global patterns that have never been observed before.
an abstract photo with letters and numbers all over it
MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together
MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together
a man sitting on top of a pile of books in a library filled with lots of books
Career, education and lifestyle in Germany
So ist es eben in jeder Sprache: Während neue Wörter dazu kommen, geraten andere in Vergessenheit.
a map with different languages on it and the names of each language in english, chinese, and japanese
In graphics: a world of languages - and how many speak them
INFOGRAPHIC: A world of languages - and how many speak them