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Priapus - Numen Vilius Inter Cunctos Deos" Painting by Nicola Vinciguerra

Saatchi Art Artist: Nicola Vinciguerra; Ink 2015 Painting ""Priapus - Numen Vilius Inter Cunctos Deos""

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Priapus silkscreens are here! More details and price soon.Printed with love and care by: in Avignon, France.

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“Might Is Right”, 21 x 29 cm, black india ink, pencil and pigment marker on heavy pink paper. The other end of the Church of Satan! I’m aware I didn’t pick a few important former and current members but these six are my personal favorites. The others might still have a place on another page, don’t worry. I also realised this is actually my second “portrait” of Boyd Rice! Original available for, obviously, 666 Norwegian Kroner. Contact me: gurkeroboter/at\gmail(dot)com

“Bone®s”, black india ink on paper, 29 x 21 cm. Reindeer and deer bones. Enjoy.

Hey, I have a few A3 prints of my Diana drawing, left from the Comus show in Oslo. If anybody wants them, they’re 50 Norwegian Kroner + shipping each. Contact me here or: gurkeroboter(at)gmail(dot)com

“Baphocat”, 21 x 29 cm, black ink on 180 gm pink paper, made for a friend.

“Wiener Blut”, 21 x 29 cm, india black ink on heavy pink paper. Since there’s a lot of talk about censoring a Hermann Nitsch exhibition in Sicily, I wanted to dedicate one of my asshole drawings to some of my favorite Austrians. Original available for 444 Norwegian Kroner plus shipping. Contact: gurkeroboter(at)gmail(dot)com‪

“Mouth”, oil pastels on black 150 g/m Daler Rowney paper. 21 x 29 cm. Yeah, it’s a mouth. If you want it it’s 777 Norwegian kroner plus shipping. Contact: gurkeroboter(at)gmail(dot)com

Norwegian Morning Wood Painting by Nicola Vinciguerra

Norwegian Morning Wood