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What I want for the 13th Doctor

I would be really sad if they changed how the Doctor acts just because its a girl this time, I hope they keep her as the same old quirky adorable doctor

Can You Survive The Battle Of Hogwarts?<-- Because you're never too old for a good Choose Your Own Adventure.

You survived the Battle of Hogwarts. You embrace fellow students and teachers alike as tears and laughter flow. The night and the war are over. The sun is shining. All is well. Can You Survive The Battle Of Hogwarts?

Harry Potter Alternate Storyline - Tri-Wizard Champion

Harry Potter Alternate Storyline - Tri-Wizard Champion So sad yet so beautiful. I wish JK would just give Slytherins more insight views and stories (not that I’m complaining her work, but I really wanna read some Slytherin stories)

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis is a great series of books for both the young and young at heart. If you want to discuss this book with your children, I also recommend ROAR! A Christian Family Guide to the Chronicles of Narnia.     : )

Narnia C. Lewis said that Aslan did not "represent" Christ. The way he explained it to one child was to imagine that there was a place called Narnia and in it, Christ appeared in the form of a Lion. Aslan IS Christ as he appears in Narnia