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A collection all my guitar tips, advice, and how-to's to help beginners learn the ins-and-outs of being a guitar owner, especially guitar care & maintenance

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My 1983 Martin HD-28 has a buzzing or rattling high E string. What could be causing it? High E, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitars

Guitar Guru: Troubleshooting Unwanted Sounds on Acoustic Guitar

By Dana Bourgeois |This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine and was reprinted in the September/October 2020 issue. Q: My 1983 Martin HD-28 has a buzzing …

My favorite oil for conditioning guitar fretboards. It's all I use now and highly recommend it to all guitar players Gear Shop, Guitar Players, Cool Guitar, Conditioning, Wax, Awesome, Accessories, Products, Jewelry

Awesome Stuff: F-ONE Fretboard Cleaner & Conditioner

My listing of the BEST guitar products I've ever found. Many are things that I currently use, or have used in the past (or tested)

Guitar strings breaking at the tuner end? Here’s how to fix it. High E, Round Off, Better Books, Screw It, Diy Workshop, To Manifest, Law And Order, Guitar Strings, Mess Up

Tech Talk: How to eliminate rough or sharp edges on tuner posts

Strings breaking at the tuner end? Here’s how to fix it.

Learn what a "guitar setup" is and how vital it is to getting your guitar to play, sound, and feel its best. Includes resources to help you learn how to do acoustic, electric, and locking tremolo setups. Guitar Tips, Keep It Cleaner, Acoustic, Electric, Guy, Building, Blog, Handmade, Guitars

Guitar Setups: What They Are & Why You Might Need One

A guitar "setup" is a multi-point inspection, adjustment, and cleaning. It's the key to having a guitar that feels good, looks good, and sounds its best

If you're going to oil your guitar's fretboard, be sure you use the right kind of oil. Your guitar isn't a salad, so save the olive oil for your leafy greens. Guitar Tips, Info, Keep It Cleaner, Olive Oil, Guitars, Salad, Cool Stuff, Building, Music

Oiling a Guitar's Fretboard - It's not a salad

If you're going to oil your guitar's fretboard, use the right kind of oil for the job. It's a guitar, not a salad!

The third and final installment of "5 easy Strat mods" you can do with a standard 5-way Strat switch. Guitar Rig, Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars, My Pickup, Guitar Pickups, Fender Telecaster, Guitar Building, Keep It Cleaner, Say Hello

5 Easy Strat Wiring Mods You Can Do On a 5 Way Strat Switch- Part 3

Learn how to wire a 5 way switch. See step by step how to utilize some very simple modifications to diversify your tonal options.

Have you ever stopped to marvel at how your favorite electric guitars work? By all rights, the pickups and tailpieces we love are in need of some serious 21st-century overhauling. Leo Fender, Class D Amplifier, Guitar Body, Guitar Tips, Blues Music, Electric Guitars, Jimi Hendrix, Acoustic Guitar, 21st Century

How Do Electric Guitars Work?

The electric guitar has been as influential to modern music as the pianoforte & violoncello before it. Here's how it works & why we can't get enough of it.

Too much or too little humidity can be bad news for a guitar. Learn the warning signs of a "wet" or "dry" guitar, and what you can do to protect your precious axe. Guitar Tips, Warning Signs, Bad News, What You Can Do, Music Stuff, Axe, Guitars, Tools, Building

How Humidity Affects Guitars - The Warning Signs

Understand how humidity affects guitars and what signs to look for to determine whether you need to be concerned or not

  Best Caps, Guitar Pickups, Diy Workshop, Guitar Building, Guitar Tips, Best Model, Pick Up, Keep It Cleaner

How to set up Filter'Tron pickups

To get the best from Filter’Trons, you need to set them up properly and ensure that the accompanying electronic components are present and correct. Here’s how.

  Guitar Tips, Keep It Cleaner, Acoustic Guitar, Say Hello, A Boutique, Nifty, Dan, Building, Buildings

Video: How to Fix a Guitar Crack Caused by Humidity Damage

In this video, Dan demonstrates how to fix a crack in a boutique acoustic guitar caused by intense sun and humidity damage -- including a nifty trick for per...

On lockdown and looking for a DIY project to keep you sane? Why not try building a clone of the legendary Klon Centaur with a Centura kit from Ceriatone. Heavy Metal Guitar, Guitar Cable, Electrolytic Capacitor, Diy Workshop, Guitar Tips, Guitar Pedals, Guitar Design, Centaur, Indie Movies

DIY Workshop: Build your own Klone pedal

On lockdown and looking for a DIY project to keep you sane? Why not try building a clone of the legendary Klon Centaur with a Centura kit from Ceriatone.

If you've never encountered a collet guitar knob before, you're in for an adventure. Unless you read this step-by-step guide, of course, where you'll learn how to correctly (and safely) remove them. Stratocaster Guitar, Archtop Guitar, Blue Electric Guitar, Custom Electric Guitars, Custom Guitars, Guitar Kits, Guitar Rack, Skateboard Rack

How to Remove a Collet Guitar Knob [Step-by-Step]

Step-by-step demo of how to remove a collet guitar knob from an Ibanez guitar. Collet knobs can confuse people who've never encountered one

A definitive list of the tools you'll need if you want to set up your guitars yourself. Divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced tools for all levels, from the at-home DIY-er to the pro guitar tech. Guitar Diy, Box Guitar, Guitar Building, Electric Guitars, Guitar Lessons, Info, Keep It Cleaner, Guy, Tech

Guitar Setup Tools - Buyer's Guide

If you're serious about doing your own guitar setups there are some specialized tools you'll need to do the job right. You may already have some...

So, we’re drawing towards Warped Neck Endgame. We talked about what a warped neck is NOT; discussed the common heat-treatment repair method; looked at up-bow, back-bow, ski-jumps, and distortions. Now it’s time for twists and crooks. Pretty Much It, How To Look Pretty, Repetitive Strain Injury, Ski Jumping, Guitar Neck, Guitar Tips, Playing Guitar, Guitars, Twists

Warped Guitar Necks: Part 5 - Twisted Necks

In this episode of Warped Neck Weekly, we’re looking at some of the nastier examples. Say hello to the Twist and the Crook. Read more…

Everything you need to know about fitting the brilliantly named tremolo-blocking system into a Strat-style guitar Guitar Tips, Wood Screws, Gadgets And Gizmos, Keep It Cleaner, Old Things, Building, Style, Stylus

How to install a Tremol-No system

Everything you need to know about fitting the brilliantly named tremolo-blocking system into a Strat-style guitar

Got your intonation almost dialed in, but just ONE STRING won't cooperate? Here are all the possible reasons that might be happening. Guitar Tips, Guitar Strings, Keep It Cleaner, Get One, Guitars, Bass, Guy, Building, Music

Got One Guitar String That Won't Intonate?

Got 1-2 guitar strings that WILL NOT intonate? This article outlines the possible reasons why that string (or strings) is being so stubborn