Ravelry: Project Gallery for Ingrid Pullover pattern by Isabell Kraemer

Ingrid Pullover pattern by Isabell Kraemer

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Ryðrauð pattern by Steinunn Birna Gudjonsdottir

It contains a collection of traditional textile patterns from Icelandic manuscripts from as early as

This was by far the most challenging knit i think i’ve ever made. It wasn’t the pattern though, that was clear and lovely, perfectly written and simple to follow. It was the single ply ...

lorix5's Ryðrauð ★

Ravelry: Pipapo's Large Swan by Karin Invarson

Maxida's Large Swan by Karin Invarson

Original design by Karin Ivarsson Olsson for Bohus Stickning, Recreated with updated instructions by Solveig Gustafsson, English translation donated by Susanna Hansson in support of Bohus Stickning and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières.

Ravelry: Lovewool-Knits' Whinfell↟↟

This design is one of the 11 modern, minimalist patterns featured in WOODS: Making Stories, available through our website and selected stockists.

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Hazel Heather Pangur Bán Handknit Sweater

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