Karina Grinebiter

Karina Grinebiter

Karina Grinebiter
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London, 1977  Ian Berry

Ian Berry G. Old lady with her dog outside her front door during the Queen's Jubilee year. In her front window is a portrait of the Queen with Union Jack flags.

Rob Mulholland   Vestiges (2012)

Project: The 'Predator' project Artist: Rob Mulholland Location: Scotland. Contemporary artist Rob Mulholland designed the series of six mirrored statues to make people think about man's impact on the surrounding landscape over the centuries.

Smell the Roses

But Millie dear, Betty explicitly said she hated roses. Don't you think we should get a cake, or a bottle of wine instead? I like roses so we're taking roses and that's that.


Please set the elephants free. Please don't buy ivory. Spend your money taking care of your children and your families. Elephants are kind, gentle animals. They have a special kind of love for each other and a strong family bond.

Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan Senza titolo, 2001 Vue de l'installation du Musée Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Pays-Bas Photo: Zeno Zotti Courtesy Maurizio Cattelan‘s Archive