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a wooden table topped with lots of different colored lights hanging from it's sides
A Little Red, Not Too Much
Lampes vintage
some wood pallets are being used to make a couch out of old pallets
Tutorial: Pallet L-Shaped Sofa for Patio / Couch
Pallet L-Shaped Sofa for Patio / Couch | 101 Pallet Ideas
a book cover with the title wear no evil
Top 5 Books on Sustainble Fashion: Wear No Evil
two lights hanging from a wooden wall with wood planks in the backround
Whisky Bottle Lamp with Vintage Pulley - iD Lights
Whiskey Bottles Pulley - Lamp Recycling, Pendant Lighting (got me some amber bulbs !!) #upcycling
an old wooden crate filled with glass bottles
Light in Box: Recycled Wood & Bottles Floor Lamp - iD Lights
Lights in the Box - Modern Lamps - iD Lights | iD Lights
two pictures of a blue and white child's chair, one with a person on it
diy project: shades-of-blue ombre chair
I will be doing this very soon
three silver necklaces with initial charms and pearls on a wooden surface, one has the letter
Thanksgiveaway #3 {The Vintage Pearl} *Now Closed!* - The Inspired Room
Spoon Jewelry Charm The Vintage Pearl. (From LU - click on the link and enjoy seeing all her beautiful things. This is a great artisan.)
antique silverware and spoons are arranged on a table
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Stamped Silverware jewelry and spoon necklaces
six spoons with writing on them are sitting next to each other and hanging from chains
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Spoon necklaces! A simple stamping set and a sharpie marker and you can make some very original spoon jewelry. I think these would meka e great garden markers as well-- just stick the spoon handle into the soil.
two pictures showing the same kitchen floor with different types of tiles on it and in between
Penny Floor
Penny Floor - don't know if I would have the patience for a whole floor... but a coffee or patio table would be nice!
an open wooden book case filled with lots of books
Awww I have two of these - which I am going to use to do a time line of my daughters growing up - haven't just figured out how just yet but this looks amazing.