foto per breiehagen

Scandinavian Christmas inspiration with little girl in nordic sweater, red plaid skirt at rustic red painted door with white horse.

Bergen, Norway

Okay, so I have never to Norway. The only Scandinavian country I have been to is Denmark. But I would be delighted to wander the streets of Bergen, Norway any time. Let's go!


Krumkake Recipe (pronounced KROOM-ka-ka) ***My mother made these every Christmas. These and another Norwegian cookie (Sandbakkels) were family favorites.

Northern Lights above Grotfjord, Norway

(solar-storm-fueled auroras)---- "Eagle Lights"---The central light ribbon in this image resembles the head and beak of a bird, flanked by a radiant wingspan. The photo was taken in Grøtfjord, close to Tromsø in northern Norway.

#Preikestolen #Norway.  I saw this from below.  Not sure I could ever be brave enough to be on top.

Funny pictures about The Amazing Preikestolen. Oh, and cool pics about The Amazing Preikestolen. Also, The Amazing Preikestolen photos.

norwegian cubbord bed

don't think this is Scandinavian, but it's the kind of bed cupboard I am searching for!bed nooks/ really like the nook idea as well as the guest room idea. love the set up/ colors and painted side boards. how homey

Kubbestol from Norsk Wood Works in Wisc. !

Kubbestol from Norsk Wood Works in Wisc. doesn't this look like the same shape as the chair charm?

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