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Green Thickies

All of the blog posts created by GreenThickies.com covering a range of topics from green smoothies to alternative health to weight loss.
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Cold and Flu Busting Coconut and Orange Smoothie
Healthy Green Smoothies: 10 reasons to drink Green Thickies
Tempting Turkish Delight Smoothie by Green Thickies.  It contains one important ingredient.  Click the link to get the recipe: http://www.greenthickies.com/tempting-turkish-delight-smoothie/

Meal Replacement Shakes

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This Spicy Apple Halloween Smoothie is the perfect food for your kids at Halloween.   They'll think it's so scary they won't even realize it is so healthy.   This smoothie can be a quick snack, treat, meal or even just a decoration for your party.  This halloween smoothie is tasty and children approved, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner as it is filling too.
This Gorgeous Filling Healthy Key Lime Pie Smoothie is one of the delicious smoothies on the FREE 7 Day FRESH START SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE. Join the Challenge, FREE now!

Green Smoothies

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Chia Seeds Vs Flax Seeds: Which Is Healthier?
Today, I'm going to be answering the question, which is the best protein powder to use in our smoothie?  This is a great question but it's not the ideal question.  The question I think we should be asking is should we be using protein powder in our smoothies at all?  Click the link to find out.  #greenthickies #smoothies #greensmoothies #proteinshake #proteinsmoothie #protein #health #proteinpowder
Date Paste Recipe: sweeten your food with whole fruit  Date paste is one of the healthiest and most economical sweeteners you can make at home. Plus it’s extremely easy and quick to make.  You only need dates and water for this but you can add some optional extras like vanilla or salt to suite your tastes.  #greenthickies #dates #datepaste

Smoothie Ingredients

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Cucumber Lassi Complete Meal Green Thickie This green meal in a glass is suitable for those on a low sugar, no fruit, low carb, keto, no refined sugar, no grains, vegan, vegetarian diet. And of course it’s great for everybody who just wants to lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Get the full recipe here: http://www.greenthickies.com/cucumber-lassi-complete-meal-green-thickie/
20 Almond Milk Smoothies
Homemade healthy weight gain smoothie. Do you struggle to gain weight? You don't need to eat junk food to put on weight. This homemade healthy weight gain smoothie will help you gain weight in a natural way.


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How Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You Sleep Deeply All Night. I put this simple recipe to the test and it worked so well I now don’t go a day without taking this before bed. #applecidervinegar #sleep #insomnia
I overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and lost 56 pounds in just a few months. I’d always had a few health problems as a child, but I functioned fairly normally until I got married and suddenly everything changed for me. I ended up in hospital on my honeymoon. After that I suffered one setback after another until finally regaining my health and fitness again.    #greenthickies #diet #weightloss #health #chronicfatiguesyndrome #fitness #ME #fatigued #tired #exhausted #energy #gainenergy
I just wanted to share something that I started doing about 2 years ago that changed my life. I have suffered a lot of depression and mood disorders in my life, and one thing I never did at all was work on personal development. So I decided to dedicate a year to personal development and it absolutely changed the way I think and my level of happiness. http://www.greenthickies.com/lack-energy-stop-getting-life/


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What Food To Eat For FAST Weight Loss (video)
10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
How To Lose Weight Well

Weight Loss

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1 Minute Blender Mint & Choc Vegan Hot Chocolate
3 Raw Superfoods That Provide Big Energy And Nutrition Boosts
Healthy Cherry & Coconut Hot Fudge Sundae with a Green Twist

Raw Vegan Diet

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We’ve all heard the hype about kale being off the charts in terms of nutrition.   But what happens if you don’t like eating kale?   But what if I told you there was a way to eat kale that won’t feel like a chore, it will be an absolutely joy?  What if you loved this snack so much you actually crave it more than potato chips?    It’s called the kale chip, and it is the most incredible food on the planet!  Today I’m bringing you 10 of the most wonderful kale chip recipes in the world.
I want to introduce you to my melt in the mouth, cheesy kale chips recipe.   Just one serving of these kale chips gives you 17 grams of protein, and ALL of your daily requirements of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and half of all of your minerals needed for the entire day.    You can make these in either an oven or a dehydrator. So use what you’ve got, but please know that a dehydrator will retain all of the nutrients.
10 Raw Vegan Spinach Salad Recipes

Vegan Diet

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Chocolate Caramel Kale Chips Recipe
If you needed more reasons to get your daily dose of leafy greens, here's some great ones!  Leafy Greens Are Essential for Immune Regulation and Tumor Resolution!    Click the link to read the rest.  #greenthickies #leafygreens #healthy #healthylifestyle #nutrition #plantbased #eatingforhealth #cancerprevention #autoimmune #detox
10 Best Sprouts Recipes

Leafy Greens

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Here are my 10 best nicecream recipes for you! So what on earth is nicecream?  It is healthy, but delicious ice cream made from frozen bananas. Even if you’re not a fan of bananas, believe me, frozen bananas taste completely different, very creamy and mild - quite like normal icecream. You are going to love it! http://www.greenthickies.com/10-best-nicecream-recipes/
20 Unusual Principles Of Healthy Living (And Why I Don't Follow Any Health Or Diet Experts)
10 Awesome New Ways to Eat More Fruits for Health  We all know we should eat fruits for health reasons but we often struggle to get enough. Here I share my top 10 ways to eat more fruit.  #greenthickies #fruit #fruits #fruitarian #fruitsalad #healthy #delicious #fruitsmoothie #fruitpudding #ruitdessert #fruitdessert #fruitsforhealth #vegan #fruittips #fruitideas


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Here are the 7 best personal blenders that enable you to whizz up your own smoothie or shake and drink it in the same blender cup straight away. A personal blender is a smaller blender that saves you time, washing up and makes it much easier to just blend one serving of smoothie. It also saves on space and allows you to continue your healthy smoothie habit while travelling as the blender is compact and lightweight. Click the link to read the full blog post:  #greenthickies #personalblenders
This is my honest Vitamix review where I share the pros AND the cons of investing in a Vitamix Blender so you have all of the information you need to make a truly informed decision.  Click the link to read the full article.  #greenthickies #blenders #smoothieblenders #blendersforsmoothies #bestblenders #vitamix #vitamixreviews #blenderreviews
This is the only Ninja Blender Guide you will need. After you read my honest reviews and comparisons, you’ll know exactly which Ninja Blender to buy to suit your preferences and budget.  Click the link to read more...  #greenthickies #blender #ninjablender #ninja #blenderreview #ninjablenderreview

Health Gadgets

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So, how should we workout as women? A woman's workout should consist of leg raises, biceps curls with soup cans, and triceps kickbacks with water bottles. Can you believe that silliness? Neither can I, but that is what passes for "professional fitness advice for women" these days. http://www.greenthickies.com/womens-workout-weight-loss-challenge/
Here are my favourite 10 yoga for weight loss workouts. I’ve now given up aerobics and intensive workouts but I still love to do exercise that will build muscle and keep the weight off. Yoga is perfect for this as it gets the energy flowing around the body and prevents blockages that can stop you losing weight.  - http://www.greenthickies.com/10-yoga-weight-loss-workouts/
Lately I’ve started a new workout and I’ve been learning a lot from Craig Ballantyne who created it. He has been teaching me a lot about the best way to get rid of stomach fat. And this comes as a shock to most people. Even most personal trainers usually say, "Crunches", "Sit-ups", or "aerobic cardio" are the best way to lose stomach fat. But none of those work best, or even work at all! In fact, people often ask, What's the best way to burn fat and lose my belly?


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When your liver becomes overworked as a result of stress or excessive exposure to toxins, your entire system can be thrown off balance, and your health can be severely compromised.    Find out why this happens and what you can do to fix it.   Read the post and save to your board:  https://www.greenthickies.com/4-signs-liver-stressed-fix/  #greenthickies #holisticnutrition #liverproblems #liverproblemssymptoms #liverdisease #liverfailure #liverpain #fattyliver #livercirrhosis
Oil pulling is basically swishing oils around your mouth like mouthwash.    Would you believe there are actually 26 incredible benefits of oil pulling?      Click the pin to find out why you need to add this to your morning routine!    #greenthickies #oilpulling #oilpullingbenefits #curecavities #morningroutine #whiterteeth #naturaldentalhealth #toothdecay #cavities #homeremedies #homeremedy #reversecavities
Find out the benefits of dry body brushing and the method for beginning with dry skin brushing. Reducing cellulite is just one of the benefits.      Click the pin to read more now!    #greenthickies #drybodybrushing #drybrushing #cellulitebuster #cellulitereduction #cellulitereduction

Natural Beauty

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Thanksgiving 4-Ingredient Pumpkin Cranberry Cookies
10 Best Raw Food Lunches
10 Best Vegan Dips Recipes


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