Chocolate muffins with Greek yogurt, Cocoa and applesauce ...58 calories each

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin Knock-Offs (Whole Food’s)

Clean eating Chocolate muffins with greek yogurt, cocoa, and applesauce, 58 calories each. Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin: Knock-Offs of Whole Food’s 6 Dollar per 4 Chocolate Chunk VitaTop Muffins

This website helps you tab and highlight verses in the Bible that relate to different issues your kids might struggle with.  When you want to know what God says about it, you can find it easily!

Discipline Help ~ The Child Training Bible Review

Make a Child Training Bible. This is AMAZING! All the things you work on to train your children tabbed and highlighted with a key in the front. Training topics include: anger, complaining, lying, laziness, THE GOSPEL!

60+ DIY Burlap Project Ideas

60 DIY Burlap Project Ideas figured I started pinning burlap and lace on this board, so might as well keep going.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes Brulee

Milk substitutes ----Mashed sweet potatoes brulee is a memorable remix between dinner and dessert! This recipe by Skinnytaste gears you up for the holidays by turning boring sweet potatoes into a treat.

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