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Grape Ashrose
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Sketch.Loki's children by jen-and-kris on deviantART

Loki's children by jen-and-kris on deviantART, BWAHAHA, i wonder what Tom Hiddleston's face looked like when he considered the full history of his character

Loki costume details.

Loki's armor pays tribute to his kids.Odin, your adopted, arguably mental son is a better father than you'll ever be. AND YOU'RE THE ALLFATHER<---I know right? Also SUCK IT ODIN

Loke/Loki and three of his kids by on @deviantART

Loki and his pets. (Or "Norse mythology blamed Loki for having lots of children because Thor got a little drunk and told twisted tales. just Loki and his children

Age of Ultron

this was one of my favorite parts hahahahaha<< and and WAIT FOR IT if our theory about cap being able to life the hammer was rite, he came up with this just to save tony from embarrasment!