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Foods from Around the World

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Afghan Kidney Bean Curry (Lubya)
Boulanee Katchalu | Afghani Bolani | Stuffed Flatbread

Afghanistan (South Asia)

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Albania (Balkans)

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Algerian Chicken with Chickpeas and Fried Potatoes- Kbab
Easy Cucumber Salad Recipe
Rechta (pronunced rish-ta) is a dish comprising of flat noodles and a chicken sauce (Marga bil djedj). Many people buy rechta noodles from the market already made - as many women add to their income by selling them. Rechta noodles keep very well in the freezer. You'll need a pasta machine for this recipe...

Algeria (North Africa)

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pa amb tomaquet
Andorra is a small country, sandwiched between France and Spain, so their food is influenced by both. This is a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe that will leave you feeling satisfied. This recipe mostly French inspired.

Andorra (Europe)

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Muamba Chicken (Muamba de Galinha) - Immaculate Bites
Calulu de Peixe is a hearty Angolan stew with fish, okra, and palm oil concocted in Brazil and brought back to Angola. Click and give it a try!
Kizaka is a traditional Angolan dish widely consumed in urban and rural zones of Angola.  Kizaka, sometimes spelled as Quizaca, is basical...

Angola (Central Africa)

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Pork Chops with Banana and Bacon. Travel by Stove: Recipes from Antigua and Barbuda
These Antiguan Black Bean cakes are a delicious side dish perfect to get a slice of protein and flavor. #AntiguanBlackBeans #BlackBeanCakes

Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean)

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Argentinian Beef Steak with Chimichurri
Argentine Rice-Veggie Salad
The flan mixto or flan casero mixto is a popular Argentinian, Uruguayan and Mexican dessert. Caramel custard with dulce de leche and whipped cream. #Argentina #ArgentinianRecipe #ArgentinianFood #ArgentinianCuisine #WorldCuisine #196flavors

Argentina (South America)

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Armenian Stuffed Cabbage (Dolmas) Recipe | Saveur
Gata is easily one of the most beloved Armenian desserts. It's a pastry with similarities to both croissants and rugelach, but with a personality of its own. Some call it nazook, but this typically refers to a walnut-filled version made by Iranian Armenians. Crisp on the outside, flaky within, with spirals of vanilla-laced sweetness throughout, it's a divine dessert any time of year.

Armenia (Asia)

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Lilly Pilly Jelly
Chiko Rolls
Pie floaters are an iconic South Australian street food snack! This pie floater recipe features a crispy, flaky beef pie floating in a delicious homemade mushy pea soup. Serve with your favourite sauce for a filling meal - lunch or dinner! via @wandercooks

Australia (Oceania)

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Wiener Schnitzel Recipe from Austria - The Foreign Fork
Tyrolean Dumplings - As unspectacular as the name may be, these fluffy dumplings with bacon, sausage and fried onions more than make up for it in flavour.

Austria (Europe)

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Khingal - Silk Road Diary
Mangal Salad
NYT Cooking: In her new cookbook, "Taste of Persia," Naomi Duguid gives this simple recipe from Azerbaijan for fish kebabs marinated with lemon juice and dill. To serve, the fish is sprinkled with tart sumac powder, available in most spice shops or online, and served with a fresh pomegranate relish. Cooking the fish mostly on the skin side keeps it moist.

Azerbaijan (Asia)

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The Caribbean is home to some fantastically fresh fish and seafood, and in the Bahamas giant conch are plentiful, often served ceviche-style with plenty of citrus. While conch can be hard to sauce in the UK, this recipe uses scallops and prawns in their place.
A friend of mine, Debbie, is from the Bahamas and she gave me this recipe. This is a traditional Bahamian recipe that is made with conch, the wonderful shellfish that is delicous but not so easy to find outside of the Bahamas. We, here in South Florida, are very close to Key West; the Conch Republic. These fritters are great as appetizers, finger foods or very tasty hors d'oeuvres to accompany your favorite rum punch or tropical drink! Conch can be replaced with any seafood. Make this batter wit
Cracked Conch Bahamas Style

Bahamas (Caribbean)

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Baba Ganoush is a dish made by pureeing eggplant with herbs and spices to create a unique dip or spread. Similar to hummus, baba ganoush is delicious on sandwiches, eggs, or with vegetables.
Maamoul Cookies are semolina flour cookies filled with date paste. The cookies are formed by placing the dough in a specific Maamoul Cookie mold.
Balaleet Recipe - Club Noor

Bahrain (Middle East)

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Traditional Bengali Recipes: Hing Chorchori - Cosmopolitan Currymania
Dhokar Dalna Recipe step by step | Bengali Dhokar Dalna
Dhakai Paratha Recipe | Dhakai Porota | Bengali Flaky Layered Paratha - Scratching Canvas

Bangladesh (South Asia)

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Bajan speciality: Fried Flying Fish
Bajan Cou Cou is a Caribbean-style polenta that uses fresh okra to bind the cornmeal. This savory cornmeal porridge is a delicious gluten free side dish that's perfect to serve with nearly any meal! #coucou #bajancoucou #caribbeanpolenta #cornmeal #caribbeancoucou #okra #okrapolenta #glutenfreesidedish #caribbeanrecipes
Barbados Coconut Turnovers

Barbados (Caribbean)

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Belarusian Lazanki — Dara Cooks the World

Belarus (Europe)

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Paling in 't groen (Eel in green sauce)
Belgian Rabbit Stew (Abbey Ale & Prunes) | Craft Beering
Boudin Blanc de Liège

Belgium (Europe)

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Fry Jacks
Cochinita Pibil
Conch Ceviche – Belizean Style! | Hot Mama's Belize

Belize (Central America)

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Receta en Español This is the most typical dessert in benin, peop...
019 Benin – Kuli Kuli – Marty Made It

Benin (West Africa)

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Bhutanese Ezay as a Food Appetizer
Recipe: Zaw (Roasted puff rice) — MyBhutan Blog
Bhutanese Buckwheat Noodles with Chile and Scallions (Puta) (Tested) | Dining for Women

Bhutan (South Asia)

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Bolivian Majadito ( Beef, egg, rice, plantains and yucca)
Masaco de Plátano - Mashed Plantain
Pique macho is a very popular dish from Cochabamba in Bolivia, made of beef cuts and fried sausages with fries, eggs, chili peppers and tomatoes. #Bolivia #BolivianCuisine #BolivianFood #BolivianRecipe #WorldCuisine #196flavors

Bolivia (South America)

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Looking for an easy comfort meal from around the world? This classic Bosnian dish is made by stuffing onion layers with ground beef and cooked on stovetop or in the oven. It's gluten-free and a perfect dish for winter and year-round. | allthatsjas.com | #comfortfood #onions #sogandolma #sogani #withgroundbeef #allthatsjas #recipes #easy #eatheworld #internationalcuisine #familymeal #glutenfree #stuffedonions #bosnian
Balkan Minced Meat Dumplings aka Bosnian Ravioli (Klepe) - Balkan Lunch Box

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Balkans)

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Xaxaba Diphaphata a Flatbread or a stove top muffin from Botswana is pan fried, with minimum ingredients.

Botswana (Southern Africa)

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Brazil (South America)

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Recipe: The national dish of Brunei - Ambuyat Tempoyak
Bami goreng, a.k.a. mie goreng, is a traditional Indonesian recipe loved by the Dutch. This one pan recipe will soon become a family favourite for dinner!

Brunei (Asia)

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