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an orange ukulele with its case and accessories
The 5 Best Mountain Dulcimers for Beginners
Best Appalachian Mountain Dulcimers for Beginners
an acoustic guitar laying on the floor
Keepers of tradition: Art and folk Heritage in Massachusetts - Mass Cultural Council
Modern Puerto Rican bordonua, Tiple and bordonua making, 2007; Easthampton, Massachusetts; Photography by William R. Cumpiano | Keepers of Tradition
a wooden guitar with an intricate design on it
2-point-octave-mandolin, close-up front; handmade by Erik Houtman
a man sitting down playing an instrument
C. B. Gitty Cigar Box Dulcimer Demo
an old violin with a star on it's back and the strings are black
an acoustic guitar sitting on top of a table
Stevens Custom Guitars Irish Bouzouki 2010's Stringed Instrument For Sale Stevens Custom Guitars
a wooden instrument laying on the ground next to a brick wall
Dulcimer Shapes & Designs
a ukulele sitting on the ground in front of a window
My Appalachian teardrop style dulcimer made from a photograph from the internet.
a wooden ukulele sitting on top of a white table
Stick Dulcimer — Plans and instruments
a ukulele sitting on top of a gray couch next to pillows and a window
Gary Gallier - Gallier Dulcimers
Black Locust Baritone
an electric guitar sitting on top of a couch
Gary Gallier - Gallier Dulcimers
a wooden instrument with black birds on it's body and strings, made out of wood
Instrument Pics — McCafferty Dulcimers