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Sneak peek / Sashiko in modern style

Sneak peek / Sashiko in modern style

I am making some items in Japanese zakka style for an event in April. There are some sneak peek photos of my Sashiko in modern style. Sashiko is one of the traditional needle work techniques in Japan. It is old. But it fits in the modern life style because of it's simplicity and good design. That's why I like this embroidery. Sashiko has a huge possibility. Photos of finished items will be coming soon. Please stay in touch. Have a great week everyone!

claire a baker: And on the twelfth day...

And on the twelfth day...

Claire had almost finished piece of work! To be fair there are still 10 hours left to.. finalise a few small areas, cut it all out, apply it to it's 'ground' and then tomorrow (I am guessing) somehow make it look as though it has always been there.

Sashiko stitching on british tweed by Manjusha

Devki Pande

Sashiko stitching on british tweed by Manjusha

marisa-ramirez: junko oki


marisa-ramirez: “ junko oki ”

Decorating Your Home With Hearts...... In Time For Valentine's Day

A blog about Interior Design with focus on French style and other Old World aesthetics.

Concentric sashiko stitching - great control of the tension!


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Clever Handmade - Embroidery Patterns - Rub Ons - Quirky Circles

Clever Handmade - Embroidery Patterns - Rub Ons - Quirky Circles

If you prefer free hand sewing but need a little guide then you will love these Embroidery Pattern Rub Ons from Clever Handmade. Sew directly onto them and take the credit for an awesome looking pattern you have created onto…paper…fabric, or directly onto your photo. Each package includes one 4.75" x 6.75" sheet of rub on embroidery patterns. Made in the USA. Brand Clever Handmade Category Stickers Themes Spring, Summer, Retro, Girl, Boy Style Rub Ons Stickers SKU cle-12103 UPC 898268121038…

Musings of a textile itinerant: More Stitching on the Travellers' Blanket

More Stitching on the Travellers' Blanket

I have been doing some more stitching on the travellers' blanket whilst I ponder a cot quilt I should have made months ago- it needs to include poppies as it's for a little girl called poppy. I have to dye the fabric for it but also have to think about how I will make the quilt as it will be washed and needs to be soft- so not so heavily stitched. The travellers' blanket is starting to look like wobbly millefiore- the effect of the circles is so different to the effect with the stitched…

Tanglewood Threads: Homecoming


I have come home Home to the ever changing waters of the Basin Where Rusty pups blend with rusted pillars and herons fish in the salt ponds hardly noticed by inquisitive noses. I say noses because I wonder if their eyesight is fading just a bit for they are old maids now. Where springtime blossoms abound. Looking inland a thin line of last year's bullrush heads catches my eye. ideas for marks or stitches on a future piece immediately come to mind. It feels good to be thinking that way again…

wolf (by kimikahara)


ghoulnextdoor: “ wolf (by kimikahara) ”