Fall Bass Fishing

Find inspiration and tips for all of your fall bass fishing questions. These blogs include which lures work best in fall, where to fish in fall, and techniques to reel in some giant bass. Bass Fishing | Beginner Fishing | Fishing Tackle | Lures
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the top 5 fishing rods to use for soft plastics and other things that can be found
Top 5 Fishing Rods for Soft Plastics
In this blog, we break down the top 5 fishing rods for every budget that will work best fishing soft plastics.
the top 3 lures for bass fishing in october cover image with text overlay
Top 3 bass fishing lures in October
Fishing in autumn brings cooler temps and its time to change swap out your regular lure setup from the warmer weather months. Check out our top 3 fall lures to fish for bass this year.
the top 3 lures for bass fishing in september cover image with trees reflected in water
Top 3 bass fishing lures in September
Fishing in early fall brings cooler temps and is the first transition from summer to cold weather fishing. Check out our top 3 fall lures to fish for bass this year.
a person holding a fish in their hand with the caption bass fishing 3 keys to october fishing
3 Keys to Catching Bass in October
In this blog we cover specific areas & lures to catch bass in October.
an info sheet with the words are seikos actually worth the money? on it
Senko vs. Yum Dinger
Fishing Tips | Fishing 101 | Fishing Tackle | Bass Fishing
a person holding a fishing rod with the words how to cast a batcaster
How to cast a baitcaster
If you aren’t casting your baitcaster well, you likely have the wrong settings on your reel or are casting incorrectly. In this article, I’ll go over how to set up your baitcaster if you are beginner and the correct motion that will have you throwing in no time. No more backlashes!
the top 4 rigs you need to know for fishing soft plastic worms by bassa fishing
The top 4 rigs you need to know for fishing soft plastic worms
If you ask any fisherman to limit themselves to one bait they can fish for the rest of their life, most are probably going to pick a soft plastic worm. The main reason for this is that it is an extremely versatile lure. It can be rigged in many different ways depending on the conditions you’re facing. So knowing all of them can be a bit overwhelming. In this blog are the top 4 rigs that will cover a variety of conditions that you need to know for plastic worm fishing.
Top 3 Bass Fishing Lures for Fall 2021
a close up of a fishing lure with text overlay reading how to fish a charter in fall
How to Fish a Chatterbait in Fall
This article will include: where to throw a chatterbait, chatterbait trailers for fall, and unique chatterbait retrieves.
a fishing net sitting on top of a wooden dock next to water with the words top 3 bass fishing lures in fall
Top 3 bass fishing lures in fall | One you may not expect!
I really enjoy fishing in autumn. Although spring is the most popular time to catch trophy bass, fall can produce a lot of bites with the right setup. So, to make sure you have good lures in your arsenal read this blog for the top 3 baits to use throughout fall. Let me know your results!
the 3 best bass fishing lures for fall cover image with two people in a boat
Have you been using these 3 lures this fall?!
Here are the top three bass fishing lures to finish the fall season with some great catches!
the best whopper ploper you should buy go fishing outdoors with this toy
The Best Whopper Plopper You Should Buy
The best size, color, and sound whopper plopper on the market today.
a person holding a fish with the caption, the best depth to fish to catch large mouth bass any season
The best depth to fish to catch largemouth bass - any season
Fishing is really difficult for one simple reason – you can’t see underneath the water. So how are you supposed to know exactly how deep the water should be when you’re fishing? And are bass a foot under the water or at the very bottom? Or maybe somewhere in the middle? In this article, we will go through every answer as to where in the water column (how deep) you will find most largemouth bass throughout the year.
the best bass fishing spots in northern virginia
The best bass fishing spots in Northern Virginia
Northern Virginia isn’t exactly a treasure trove of great fishing locations. If you’re looking for the best places for bass fishing look into any of the locations in this article!
an advertisement with the words, 3 reasons you should use using chaterbats to improve
3 Reasons You Should Be Using Chatterbaits More Often
The chatterbait is one of the newest lures in the fishing industry and one of the most deadly. If you take a look at professional bass tourneys you’ll see almost all fisherman having them in their boat. And many tournament wins coming from bass caught on them as well.