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In the old way, the elders taught about the circle of life. Each element and living being had an effect on the other, like an eternal round with no beginning or end.

Graphic Design

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Kitchen organization tips

Industrial Design & Development

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Urban Sprawl Repair KIT


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Packaging Design

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Timber Frame Residential Extension - Building Construction Paper. 2016 model, balsa wood

Model Making

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Caleb Johnson Studio clads Pieri Pines in Maine with local cedar
Timber structure and finishes define London home by Russell Jones


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Character Development

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an artistic drawing of two people kissing each other
an aerial view of a parking lot with two buildings
Here's How We Can Reverse Suburban Blight
Urban Sprawl Repair KIT
an image of some mountains and cactuses with the sun in the sky above them
calm desert
a drawing of a man riding on the back of a horse
“Somewhere Between Right And Wrong” by Matt McCormick