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a large white building with two flags on it's front lawn and trees in the foreground
Eidsvoll. Her blev den norske grundlov vedtaget den 17. maj 1814.
an old black and white photo of small town in the mountains with lots of houses
Hedmark fylke Folldal kommune Brakkebyen Folldal verk Utg Rønning, Grimsbu brukt 1960
a sign in the middle of an empty lot
Lukk øynene og kjenn følelsen av fjellet. Rondane nasjonale turistveg starter i Sollia og går til Folldal #RondaneGjestegård på Enden er et fint utgangspunkt for turen.
an old bus parked at a gas station
Hedmark fylke Folldal kommune Grimsbu restaurert BP stasjon og veteranbuss
two pictures of cars parked in front of a building
Hedmark fylke Folldal kommune Grimsbu Camping 1970-tallet Utg Rønning
a stone wall with steps leading up to a clock tower in the distance, and buildings on either side
Roros, Norway
colorful umbrellas are hanging from the ceiling in an alley way with text overlay that reads 10 of the most beautiful streets in the world
The 71 Most Beautiful Streets in the World
Águeda's Umbrella Sky Project began in 2011 as a part of the Portuguese city's annual Ágitagueda Art Festival. Each summer, when temperatures soar, a handful of Águeda's narrow streets feature canopies of colorful umbrellas that provide shade to the pedestrians below.
the colorful houses are reflected in the water
Odda Town, Norway, photo by @magnelien
snow covered houses and trees are in the foreground
Norway / Norge
an aerial view of some houses and mountains in the snow, with water running through it
Norway is.
two people swimming in a hot spring surrounded by trees
X. Es lo que está pasando
(*) Twitter
two people standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a body of water and mountains
Wonderous World
Trolltunga, Norge. Måste.
the red houses are on the rocks by the water
Hamnøya by Tom Engelhardt / 500px
The fishing village of Hamnøya on Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway • photo: Tom Engelhardt on 500px