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a hand holding a small stuffed animal in it's palm
Needle felted ewok. Created by @creativemewzings
two small stuffed animals sitting next to each other
nov3 - Super Cute Kawaii!!
nov3 - Super Cute Kawaii!!
four small birds sitting on top of each other next to flowers and petals in different stages of development
instructions on how to cut and dye hair
HOW TO NEEDLE FELT FOR BEGINNERS – DO’S AND DON’TS - Ultimate Guide To Needle Felting In The Felt Hub
EARS - Ultimate Guide To Needle Felting In The Felt Hub
needle felting for beginners how to add long fur to your animals easy no sew craft
How to add long fur to needle felted animals - Ultimate Guide To Needle Felting In The Felt Hub
Needle felting video tutorial - how to use core wool
Needle felting made easy - Learn to needle felt for beginners!
needle felting instructions for newbies with lincoln's finen crafts book cover
Top Needle Felting Tips for Beginners
Starting a new hobby can be daunting, but my top tips for needle felting will make it simple and enjoyable. Learn how to create your first felt animals with easy techniques designed for beginners. This guide ensures a fun and successful start to your crafting journey. Click to read the full article.
Felted realistic toy Bird Red cardinal Felt art doll Needle Felted Animals toy
Difficulty: Medium Materials: 100% sheep wool, glass eyes, hand-painted polymer clay beak, wire-framed paws. Size: 5.9 inch ( from beak to tip of tail. This is the size of a bird in nature.)