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Pendant or Bracelet - try a snap under the pointed end where it overlaps the opposite end, after it passes thru a loop (like on a belt). Underneath end has blunt (square) ending

Ravelry: wmageroy's Maivotter #1 Annes Blomst  I will learn to knit these!! Love them so much!

wmageroy's Maivotter #1 Annes Blomst

Hand-made adult mittens with moomin pattern

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Blogg – Sida 4 – Dela dina vantar!

Blogg – Sida 4 – Dela dina vantar!

Ravelry: Blomsterkrukka fra Rolset * Rolset Selbu mitten pattern by Anne Bårdsgård

Old pattern described by Jorunn Rolset. Elements of the pattern are found in other Selbu mittens. Adjust gauge, needles or

Ravelry: Julros (Helleborus) pattern by JennyPenny

Julros (Helleborus) pattern by JennyPenny