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This is a smart quit-smoking advertisement. The search engine were used as a visual mat ephor of more information. It is also very smart to combine the cigarette and the search engine together to make it interesting and eye attracting.

Another smoking poster, this one highlights the potential effects of smoking: You get lung cancer. Though simplistic, this poster really paints a clear picture of what really happens as a result of smoking.

24 of the best Amusing Star Wars Illustrations That Even Yoda Would Laugh At

This is a very funny and unique ad for Duracell. It depicts Darth Vader trying to put in batteries into his light saber in order for it to work. This is very cool and works well for this picture.

Oh wow. This "don't sleep and drive ad" really grabbed my attention.

The 'Don't Drive Sleepy Project' is one that adheres to all drivers and the simple illustrations ensure the seriousness of this print advertising campaign hits home. The tag line 'sleepiness is stronger than you' couldn't be executed more perfectly.

A dentist ads, We don't like yellow.

A dentist ads, We don't like YELLOW. Yellow is seen as happy positive colour but not in all circumstances as illustrated here in the dentist advertising campaign.

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LAYOUT the interactivity is fun but would still probably look weird just because printing reasons 50 Genius Print Ads With Brilliant Design Techniques – Design School